VERTEX — advanced research FT-IR spectrometers

The VERTEX 70 and VERTEX 80 are fully digital FT-IR spectrometers providing the highest flexibility and the highest instrument performance. The vacuum versions of these spectrometers, the VERTEX 70v and 80v, provide the ultimate rejection of interference from the laboratory environment. 

  • Highest resolution and resolving power: standard configuration of VERTEX 70 offers resolution better than 0.4 cm-1, and for VERTEX 80 the standard resolution is better than 0.2 cm-1.
  • Evacuable, purgeable or sealed and desiccated optics bench for lowest atmospheric interferences.
  • Easy beamsplitter exchange without interferometer alignment for widest spectral range extension to the near IR, visible/UV and far IR/THz.
  • Advantages of vacuum versions: weak spectral features are not masked by moisture absorptions; high spectral resolution features do not interfere with CO2 and H2O absorption lines; cast aluminium housing of the optics bench provides highest stability; no problems caused by dry air purge supply fluctuations.
  • Widest range of extensions to meet all current and future needs. Also compatible with Bruker's Ram II Raman spectroscopy module and Hyperion FT-IR microscope.

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