MATRIX-F — FT-NIR for process analysis

The MATRIX-F is he first industry hardened FT-NIR system that can directly withstand harsh environments. The MATRIX-F is an ideal process instrument, which can also be installed in the laboratory as a stand-alone system for method development and then move directly into your process application. Full support of industry standard communication protocols makes the integration simple. 

  • Ideal for in-line and on-line process monitoring.
  • Can be equipped with a 6 port fiber optic multiplexer, external multiplexers for additional measurement points are also available. Remote measurements over long distances!
  • Can also be mounted in a standard 19 inch rack in a temperature controlled cabinet.
  • Direct measurement in process reactors or pipelines, over webs or conveyor belts.
  • Perfect tool for determination of homogeneity of blending processes, concentrations of constituent chemicals and state of polymerization processes in various industries.

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