FT-Raman Module

The RAM II is the first dual channel FT–Raman module that can be coupled to the VERTEX FT–IR research spectrometer series. Combination of the two results in superb stability and throughput required for demanding emission experiments which is the case for FT–Raman spectroscopy.

  • Can accommodate a second laser and detection system, automated polarization accessory, and two-fiber optic coupling ports. 
  • Additional features include switching to 90° scattering geometry, and defocusing optics which are necessary for colored samples to avoid overheating by the laser beam. 
  • A motorized sample stage for sample position optimization, and a white light source to correct the spectra for instrument responses are included in the standard configuration of the RAM II. 
  • Additional sampling accessories, such as automatic sample changers, low and high temperature stages are optional. 
  • Dedicated configuration is available to use the RAM II module for photo luminescence (PL) application.
  • Can be combined with RamanScope III and Senterra to expand Raman spectroscopy to samples in the µm size range. 

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