RamanScope III

Benchtop FT-Raman microscope

RamanScope III is a powerful, compact, benchtop FT-Raman microscope for the non-destructive analysis of microscopic samples. As it is based on the Olympus BX series optical microscope, all the necessary tools for sample visualization and contrast enhancements such as the Koehler brightfield and darkfield illuminuation, polarized light, Nomarski differential interference contrast (DIC) and fluorescence are available.

  • Unparalleled flexibility, sensitivity and ease-of use
  • Spatial resolution: down to 8 µm
  • Full optical microscopy capabilities
  • ’Hybrid’ technology: Fourier transform (1064 nm) and dispersive (e. g. 532, 633 and 785 nm) Raman on the same microscope
  • Can be coupled with FT-Raman spectrometers, e.g. MultiRAM

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