The big one.
For H2O pure type ASTM I + II



OmniaLab ED = osmosis membrane with EDI cell and 100 liter tank                                             Flow rate: 20/40/70 l/h 

OmniaLab UP = osmosis membrane with pure water cartridge and 100 liter tank                      Flow rate: 20 or 40 l/h 

OmniaLab DS = osmosis membrane with ion exchanger DS 2800 and 100 liter tank                      Flow rate: 20/40/60/80 l/h                                                                                 Application water for blood analyser


Like its "little brother" OmniaTap, the OmniaLab draws off ultrapure water type ASTM I at 2 l/min.

The OmniaLab is distinctly more powerful with pure water type ASTM II, where the pure water output is up to 80 l/h. Furthermore, OmniaLab continually stores up to 100 litres of pure water type ASTM II in the storage tank ready for draw-off. The flexible positioning of the purifying modules enables OmniaLab to be used as a mobile tower unit on castors, or place-savingly stowed away in a laboratory base cabinet.

OmniaLab is ideal as supplier to autoclaves, blood analysis equipment or laboratory washing machines. The alternative that it offers fulfils demanding applications in scientific analysis and biology.



Bulletpoint OptiFill dispenser is standard
Bulletpoint The electrodeionization module carries out continuous and economical
resin regeneration without any chemicals
Bulletpoint Microbial purity is ensured by interval recirculation
Bulletpoint Install as tower unit or under-table option
Bulletpoint Type ASTM I draw-off of 2 l/min
Bulletpoint Type ASTM II draw-off up to 80 l/h
Bulletpoint 100 litre storage tank for ASTM II pure water
Bulletpoint Leakage sensor is standard


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