Heating Device SNH 700

Laboratory heater with SiNi heating plate and integrated thermocouple for measuring the temperature of the heating element. Best suited for fast heating up without open flame up to max. 700°C.

Basic Equipment
Basic heater and separate temperature control with display of the temperature of both the heating element as well as a second thermocouple (temperature sensor).


Technical Data:

Max. temperature: 700°C
Heating time up to 700°C: approx. 5 minutes
Heating area: 55 x 55 mm
Heating power: 6 stepless control between 0- 100%
Max. ambient temperature: 300 W
Dimensions SNH-700 (w x d x h): 190 x 150 x 130 mm
Dimensions control device (w x d x h): 230 x 320 x 125 mm
Weight: 3,7 kg
Order No.: 6081 000


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Download SNH 700 Data sheet